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How I Got a $650 Check From TVA

Did you know TVA will pay for energy updates for your home through the Energy Right Program?  I encourage homeowners to check this out.  It makes your home more comfortable, more valuable and it saves you money on your monthly electric bill. Here’s how it worked for me: I SCHEDULED an appointment by calling my local [...]


Renting vs Buying in Nashville

I received a tweet from someone looking for a new home. It went something like “Can you help me & Ashley find a new place?” I automatically assumed my twitter friend would be looking for a rental, but to my surprise he told me he and his wife wanted to save money and buy a [...]


Buying a New Construction Home

Why buy a new construction home?  There are a variety of reasons, but most buyers start shopping for new construction because they simply want a home no one else has ever lived in. If you are the kind of buyer who wants a new house, here are a few helpful tips and definitions to get [...]