Buying a New Construction Home

Why buy a new construction home?  There are a variety of reasons, but most buyers start shopping for new construction because they simply want a home no one else has ever lived in.

If you are the kind of buyer who wants a new house, here are a few helpful tips and definitions to get you started.

Spec homes are homes that builder constructs a home based on the speculation that a buyer can be found during or shortly after construction.  You can find communities full home new homes in various stages of construction, usually built by large national builders.   The Jones Company, Turnberry Homes and Beazer Homes are some of the larger builders in our market.

Custom homes are built according to the specific buyer’s specifications, usually on land they already own.  While these are usually in the higher price points, you can find custom builders who build in all price points.

Customizing   If you put a home under contract while it is still being built, you have the freedom to choose your finishes (tile, carpet, paint, countertops, etc).  And builders usually have several floorplans and elevations to choose from so you can pick the one that best suits your lifestyle.  TIP: Buyers usually get to choose from the standard finish selections for free or can opt to upgrade.  A builder will typically ask for anywhere from a 50%-100% deposit for any upgrades.

Maintaining   Less maintenance is a good reason to buy new.  You are also moving into a home with brand new appliances and building materials, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the roof or HVAC anytime soon.   New homes are also generally more energy efficient since they must be built according to the latest codes requirements.  TIP:  New homes generally come with at least a one-year warranty for the repair.  Be sure to review it carefully and have the builder answer any questions.

As you monitor the construction process, you’ll learn useful things about home construction and gain a sense of ownership that can only come from watching your house take shape step by step.

There are number of new home communities in the Nashville area in a full range of prices points.   You can find everything from a small infill development in Nashville to a large master planned community in Franklin filled with amenities and retail shops.  If you have questions, give us a shout.