The Home Buying Process


Loan Pre-Approval
Get pre-approved with a lender to determine (a) maximum price range, (b) maximum loan amount, (c) total monthly payment and (d) total amount of cash needed to close.

Buyers Agency Agreement
You will sign a Buyers Agency Agreement that states that I am your designated agent for your home purchase. I am legally and ethically obligated to serve your interests and act as an advocate on your behalf.

Your Home Search
I send you listings, you search on the internet, you may see a house on your drive home from work, etc. When you find a place you like, we go take a look!

Reviewing an MLS Listing Sheet
The property’s MLS sheet contains valuable info such as square footage, year built, Homeowner Dues, etc. I will review the information with you.


The Purchase & Sale Contract
Most transactions use the Tennessee Association of Realtors (TAR) Purchase & Sale Contract. We will review the contract together, and I explain each section.

1. Choose a home, write an offer and submit to listing agent.
2. Seller will accept, counter or reject the offer. Counter offers are common and become part of contract.
3. After negotiating the offer and all parties agree on all items, you are entered into a binding agreement and you give an earnest money check. This money will be credited towards your purchase at closing.

1. Home Inspection Contingency: Have the property professionally inspected. You submit a list of repairs to seller. The seller can make those repairs or refuse and cancel the contract.
2. Financing/Appraisal Contingency: If you are financing the purchase, the contract will state that it is contingent on the home appraising for the contract price and that you can obtain financing.


1. Continue providing any additional documents requested by lender.
2. Secure Homeowner’s Insurance for your new property
3. Arrange for utilities to be turned on the day of possession
4. Arrange funding for closing costs (wire, check or cashier’s check)
5. Do a final walk-through on the property
6. Meet with closing attorney and complete your home purchase.

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