How I Got a $650 Check From TVA

Did you know TVA will pay for energy updates for your home through the Energy Right Program?  I encourage homeowners to check this out.  It makes your home more comfortable, more valuable and it saves you money on your monthly electric bill.

Here’s how it worked for me:

  • I SCHEDULED an appointment by calling my local power company number on the TVA Energy Right program website.  I use NES, but this program is offered through all local power companies that buy energy from TVA.  I paid $150 for the TVA-certified evaluator assess my home and give me a report of suggested energy updates.
  • I HIRED E3 Innovate to come to my house and complete $1000 worth of the recommended energy updates to my home.  You can choose from a list of approved contractors, I chose E3 Innovate because I know they are a top notch company.
  • I GOT A $650 CHECK from TVA.  I turned in my completed paperwork to TVA and received a $150 reimbursement for my assessment fee PLUS a $500 rebate for the work completed on my home.  Hooray!
  • I SAVED $46 on my first month’s electric bill. My payback for out of pocket costs will be about 10 months. Hooray Again!

The Mayor’s office has added even more incentives through the Nashville Energy Works program.  You may end up saving even more than $650, not to mention your home will be more comfortable and more valuable when the work is complete.

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