The Home Selling Process


I hire a professional stager to come to your home for a consultation. The stager goes through your home with you room by room and counsels you on what to keep, what to store or get rid of, and what to paint or update. It is an extremely helpful process, and sellers are always relieved to have the guidance of a pro.

Now’s the time to make that “honey do” list and get it done. From simple fixes like tightening a door handle or repairing a squeaky hinge to more advanced projects like having your HVAC serviced need to be addressed prior to listing your home. Need help finding a handyman to tackle your list? I have some handy men (or women) I can recommend.


Professional Photography & Video
Your first showing is online. Photos are everything. I hire a professional real estate photographer to shoot your home. You will be amazed at how beautiful your house looks!

They provide a gallery of photos and virtual tour for your MLS listing. I also create a YouTube video with voiceover of your home.

Market Valuation
I prepare a Market Valuation Report analyzing comparable sales, market conditions, your home’s condition, etc. We review this document together and arrive at an asking price for your property.

We review and sign a Listing Agreement stating your sales price, the length of the listing period, what you plan to exclude or include from the sale, etc. You also complete a Tennessee Residential Property Disclosure form or an exemption form if you qualify.

(attach Listing Agreement doc)
(attached Property Disclosure doc)

Showings are scheduled through a service I provide called Centralized Showing Service (CSS). Realtors or clients call the CSS call center to schedule a date and time to see your home. You are notified by the method of your choice (phone, text or email) and you can confirm or deny the showing appointment. After the showing, we receive feedback through the CSS system so you know what the buyers thought of your home.


When I receive an offer on your property, I forward it to you immediately. We discuss the terms of the offer and either accept or prepare a counter offer.

Most buyers will perform a Home Inspection by a licensed Inspector on your property prior to closing. They may or may not request repairs.

Closing Your Sale
Move your possessions, clean the home and be ready for the final walk-thru prior to closing. Arrange for utilities to be turned off the day of possession. Meet with closing attorney and complete the sale of your home. And you’re on to your next home!

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