Phone Diet

I am taking my annual “phone diet” next week.  

I will be unavailable by phone/text/email Sunday June 30th through Sunday July 7th.   I’ll only be able to communicate with people in the same room with me.  What a concept! 

This is my 3rd year to turn my phone off for a week.  I know that the first couple of days are hard, and after that it is wonderful. I love not having it as a constant presence in my day. 

But it still gives me anxiety to think about being without it for week.  Which is weird since I didn’t have a phone for the first 20 years of my life (yes I’m that old), and I know how much I enjoy being without it.  Some lessons you just have to learn over and over I guess?

Ultimately I’m better at my job when I take time away from it to recharge.  I come back sharper, more focused and happier.  

My hope is that everyone has the chance to put their phone down for a period of time and just be.  It’s really nice.